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meet My Work

Electronic Engineer with a major in telecommunications. I am a passionate entrepreneur who seeks to develop technology to improve society quality life.
The current page shows some of my most complete works. 

Embedded systems

Hardware development:
Enhanced controller for parking and access control “Turing V2.0”

Controller features:

  • DC Input: 9VDC – 46VDC 
  • 2 DC Aux Outputs: 3.3VDC/3A, 5VDC/3A
  • MCU PIC32MZ2048
  • 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet
  • 1 USB Input: Can be used as host or slave
  • 1 RTC SPI
  • 4 Serial USART Interface RS232
  • 1 TTL Interface
  • 1 EEPROM 2Mb SPI
  • 1 LCD 1602 Interface
  • 2 Aux I2C Output
  • Led Signals
  • 6 Opto isolated Inputs
  • 6 Solid State Outputs: 2A VAC or VDC
  • 1 Bluetooth Low Energy RN4020

This controller was designed with the purpose of manage parking and access control systems. Its a design ehanced of previous version with aditional features but same MCU.

We have sold around 4 controller at date (23-09-2020) with access control systems.

Because we assembly all manually in our workplace with a heat gun and soldering iron, we are limmited to this tools, so we can not use any kind of elements smaller for now.

We try to efficiently use the type of components in order to not to waste resources and use just necessary

We do not have direct competition, but there is commercial hardware with similar purposes that can be programmed, these systems are more economical than those developed by us but they do not reach the customization that we can offer to our clients. As they are 100% products developed, we have the ability to adapt its functionalities as we need.



Embedded systems

Hardware development:
controller to handle valves and cylinders of a cane planter “BENZ V1.1”

Controller features:

  • DC Input: 9VDC – 46VDC 
  • 1 DC Aux Outputs: 5VDC/3A
  • MCU PIC18F47Q43
  • 4 Opto Isolated Inputs for variable Voltage
  • 1 Serial USART Interface RS232
  • 1 Solid State Relay for Fan
  • 1 Temp Sensor LM35
  • Led Signals

This controller was specifically designed for manage a cane planter. This truck had a native controller but usually has problems, and the repairment take too long, In order to solve this problems “Agroazucar Ecuador” contacted us for make a prototype of controller, that need to do the same functionallities and add a few more.

This is in stage of field testing, with no inconvenience.

We assembly all PCB in our workplace with our tools.

We make the blueprints for conextions in autocad, connection and operating diagrams

We make the piece design and 3D design in autocad, inventor or SolidWorks

Embedded systems

Hardware development:
controller for parking and access control “Turing V1.0”

Controller features:

  • DC Input: 5VDC 
  • MCU PIC32MZ2048
  • 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet
  • 1 USB Input: Can be used as host or slave
  • 1 RTC I2C
  • 2 Serial USART Interface RS232
  • 1 TTL Interface
  • Led Signals
  • 6 Opto Isolated Inputs
  • 6 Solid State Outputs: 2A VAC or VDC

This controller was designed with the purpose of manage parking and access control systems.

We have sold 24 controllers at date (23-09-2020) with and without access control systems.

I have previous experience in develop PCB boards but I am unable to show infomation because is confidential. Were developments that I made in hand with a develpment team in the company were I was working before. Similarly, assembly and design are 100% Ecuadorian made by the team. This company focus in transportation industry, I was in investigation and development team. 

Embedded systems

Brief description of development process:




FW Code



  • First I search for development boards and modules about what we are needing.
  • Then, I adquire some, test it and read all datasheets of components and modules.
  • Then, I make a list of all componetnes I need and his disponibility in providers like Digikey or Mouser with his part number.
  • Then, I update my pcb library adding the schematics and footprints necesaries for design with all aditional information necessary.
  • Then, I design the schematics, put rules for PCB according manufacturer and route the PCB.
  • Then, I send the gerbers to PCB manufacturer in USA or China and import.
  • Then, I look for the components SMD and Through Hole in USA and China and import.
  • Then, when we have the PCBs and componentes we assembly manually in our workplace.
  • After it, we test all pcb and program the MCU in MPLAB (for the PICs) and make a firmware for testing PCBs.
  • After, I code the app and test with the corresponding peripherals and assembly with all the system.
  • Finally, we make continuos enhacement and follow the clients needes.

At the moment, we are a team of 4 people working full time and some collaborators depending of project and I am in charge of all development process


Embedded systems

SOFTWARE development:




C++ Code



Software for handle our controllers and exchange information with databases. This desktop software includes:

  • Printed tickets with bar code (Using Serial and Ethernet printer interfaces)
  • Handle of RFID cards (using as USB Host)
  • Reports (Using KDreports and auxiliar tools)
  • Nivel of access for users
  • Management of peripherals (Using our controller)

In order to make the comunitcations we open the program as TCP server and listen incoming communications from all controllers after process the information, we send and receive information from BDD.

We use mostly MySQL.

This SW is writed in C++ with QT creator







Firmware is writed in C in MPLAB.
For the config of MCU PIC32 series I use Harmony 3 for other series MCC or just datasheet and pure code.
In low level programming is easy to maniulate each byte of code for make our system do whatever we need to do.

We use interfaces like:

  • Serial: UART, I2C, SPI
  • TCP
  • and more

In big and complex programms I write in state machine way In order to avoid any trouble.
This kind of programming requiere a lot of datasheet reading specially for undesrtand the functionality of each component used.
The most of what I learn about coding was by myself. I read a lot.







Databases are essential for manage intelligent systems, I use mostly MySQL.
I try to use stored procedures for all tables, so I can have clean and well organiced functions and code.
The most of our clients has closed net circuits, so we usually install a databases in a PC of his subnet and all information stay closed.
Migrate to cloud services is not the best choise in our midst because not all the places have internet access, costs grow up and kick us off from the competition.


We personalize our systems in order to fit exactly our clients needs. We have more than 6 years of experience in solutions, “Plan B” solutions.





We use “EMOTIV EPOC” device that is a mobile EEG, when university recently adquired. We test it and show in a exposition of technology just “saving thoughts” and using as triggers for activate/deactive some pretty actuators and engines, showing people that if the have a strong tought (we just take and save signals that had a lot of amplitud variation at the moment of his thought), they can send commands to move anything. Very interesting device but I was finishing university already and I can not keep making projects


CER 2014

Our team got First place in the Ecuadorian robotics contest 2014 in “Creativity” category.


CER 2013

Our team got First place in the Ecuadorian robotics contest 2013 in “Creativity” category.


Since I was a child, I always dreamed to be an technology inventor. When I learned about brain to computer interfaces, immersion and virtual reality devices in middle school it blow my mind. I try to make my best efford to guide my carrer in this field, learn and develop this kind of technology for human healt and enhace the quality of lives of human beings.